3 Sales Lessons from a Record-Breaking Girl Scout

Just like the cookies themselves, this story is just too hard to resist. One Girl Scout in Oklahoma has broken the world record – – selling over 18,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and still counting! Here’s a few lessons we can learn from this ambitious girl. Set Goals: Even though in the four yearsContinue reading “3 Sales Lessons from a Record-Breaking Girl Scout”

Viral Customer Service Stories from the Restaurant Industry

I’m so thrilled that my past work at Morton’s is still being shared as a lesson in great customer service and word of mouth marketing. Check out these heart-warming stories! Below is the full story from rewardsnetwork.com 5 Examples of Restaurant Word of Mouth That Became Big News March 26th, 2013 at 7:00 am byContinue reading “Viral Customer Service Stories from the Restaurant Industry”

3 Lessons on Developing a Loyalty Program

Since I’ve started working as director of marketing for a small restaurant group in based Chicago, I’ve been enveloped in finding a cost effective way to gain access to our customer data so that I can better market to our guests. Why? Loyal customers are brand ambassadors who do your promoting for you. With theContinue reading “3 Lessons on Developing a Loyalty Program”

Understanding your customers

I recently came across this article by Kerry Bodin about Virgin Mobile’s customer insights. The execs at Virgin Mobile strive for the best for their brand… and so they took an outside view in on what the brand actually meant for their customers. As it turns out, the direction that Virgin Mobile had planned to createContinue reading “Understanding your customers”