3 Sales Lessons from a Record-Breaking Girl Scout

Just like the cookies themselves, this story is just too hard to resist. One Girl Scout in Oklahoma has broken the world record – – selling over 18,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and still counting!

Here’s a few lessons we can learn from this ambitious girl.

Set Goals: Even though in the four years as a cookie-selling Girl Scout, Katie Francis, had broken Troop No. 3469 year after year, she set her sights even higher by aiming for the world record. Katie worked for weeks every day after school and on weekends pitching her cookies door-to-door. After that, she would set up booths at hot spots and stores around her hometown. If an hourly sales goal wasn’t met, she and her mother would head somewhere else.

Get Creative: At times, the Girl Scout Cookies were an easy sell. Other times, Katie had to work for it. She found that offering incentives like drawings for prizes or a little song and dance brought additional customers to her booth.

Have Fun: Katie obviously loves what she’s doing. Maybe she believes these cookies are the best out there, maybe she enjoys being around other people, maybe she just likes breaking records. The reason doesn’t matter so much as the results: Having Fun!

Check out this video of Girl Scout Trooper, Katie Francis, and see for yourself.


I’d like to know! What stories inspire you?


Full story from CNN.com here.


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