Understanding your customers

I recently came across this article by Kerry Bodin about Virgin Mobile’s customer insights. The execs at Virgin Mobile strive for the best for their brand… and so they took an outside view in on what the brand actually meant for their customers. As it turns out, the direction that Virgin Mobile had planned to createContinue reading “Understanding your customers”

Customer Experience Marketing – an element of a successful marketing mix.

Here’s why: Knowing customer behavior & actions will help you to build a contact strategy to develop relationships. Understanding the lifecycle of your customers can help you to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time. Customer satisfaction will improve retention & loyalty, strengthen satisfaction, and give you the competitive advantageContinue reading “Customer Experience Marketing – an element of a successful marketing mix.”

The Business of Genuine Hospitality

Genuine hospitality… that’s a practice I’d like more businesses to use. The definition of hospitality is the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. To be genuine means to be authentic and sincere. These terms seem easy enough to understand but the actual practice of genuine hospitality takes consideration and anticipation of your customer’sContinue reading “The Business of Genuine Hospitality”