Customer Experience Marketing – an element of a successful marketing mix.

Here’s why:

  1. Knowing customer behavior & actions will help you to build a contact strategy to develop relationships.
  2. Understanding the lifecycle of your customers can help you to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time.
  3. Customer satisfaction will improve retention & loyalty, strengthen satisfaction, and give you the competitive advantage
  4. Real time customer satisfaction reporting will allow you to take action on turning data into insights and insights into action.

How do you get actionable insight from our guests? ASK!

Encourage feedback by triggering an email survey after a customer purchases your product or service.

Use social media to listen for feedback. Read and respond to Yelp reviews, Facebook comments, Twitter and Google searches.

Then what? Take that wealth of feedback and turn it into insights and into action. Develop your marketing strategy around it, strengthen your customer relationships by responding to feedback… and show your thanks to your customers who are talking about your product or service!

Who’s doing this? Walgreens  has recently made this a big focus of their marketing plan. Zappos has been doing it for years.  It was a big part of the marketing mix at the restaurant group I worked for many years. Not only does this method drive sales, it raises the integrity of the brand by being that trusted place where your customers can expect consistency, quality and recognition.

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2 thoughts on “Customer Experience Marketing – an element of a successful marketing mix.

  1. Yes! You can ask for customer insight or build in real time customer intelligence to your online service. I agree that knowing customer behavior and actions will give you the insight to build good strategy and also it will improve and enhance the customer lifecycle.

    I recently read and blogged about a report on how organizations should handle their customer intelligence/date: and while it’s crucial to have all this data, it’s equally as important to have it in one place, accessible to all who are the touch points with the customer (i.e. helpdesk, contact center, sales rep, customer service, etc). Duplicated, uncoordinated efforts make the organization look bad and make the customer experience suffer.

    Guy Nirpaz
    CEO and Founder of Totango

    1. I enjoyed your blog post and agree that businesses should spread customer intelligence like wildfire. Thanks for connecting our point of views on customer experiences!

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