Chili Recipes for your Super Bowl

It’s that time of year… chili cook-off season. Where the chefs of the house don their aprons and gather their crockpots with friends and family to be judged.  And what better time to share your masterpiece than during the Superbowl this Sunday? According to the International Chili Society, there are strict rules and regulations if you want to be recognized asContinue reading “Chili Recipes for your Super Bowl”

How to Blind Taste Wine from an Entry-Level Cork Dork

Being a part of a large fine dining restaurant group, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with incredibly talented leaders in the wine industry. My mentors Tylor Field, III and Sara Fasolino have successfully managed an award winning wine list and created a vibrant culture for wine and spirits. Their close partnership with The Court of MasterContinue reading “How to Blind Taste Wine from an Entry-Level Cork Dork”

3 simple rules for brands using social media (and why to follow them).

Representing a brand online sounds easy enough… start a facebook fan page and hire an intern to manage it, right? Wrong. But we’ve all heard of similar situations even at a time when companies are allocating 25% of their total marketing budget to digital marketing. As social media manager for a large restaurant group, IContinue reading “3 simple rules for brands using social media (and why to follow them).”