{Peterson Family Photos}

I don’t usually post many family photos on my blog but these photos are especially dear to me. I spent some time over the summer with my grandma Betty and grandpa Harold Peterson. I’d listen to their stories like how they met (that’s an especially good one)… about grandpa’s time in the US Army duringContinue reading “{Peterson Family Photos}”

Crock Pot Apple Butter Recipe

Last week, I was back on the farm with my family… along with 2 bushels of apples. So my 12 year-old niece, 11 year-old nephew and I decided to make homemade apple butter. It’s an easy recipe for kids to follow with a “grown-up” to supervise. We made a two large batches (one with lessContinue reading “Crock Pot Apple Butter Recipe”

Connecting with Willa Cather

Growing up in south central Nebraska, it is standard curriculum to read the works of one of our most notable authors, Willa Cather. She did, in fact, spend her childhood only a few miles from my hometown, Bertrand. My Antonia was the first book that I read. And (I hate to admit it) I wasContinue reading “Connecting with Willa Cather”