The Business of Genuine Hospitality

Genuine hospitality… that’s a practice I’d like more businesses to use. The definition of hospitality is the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. To be genuine means to be authentic and sincere. These terms seem easy enough to understand but the actual practice of genuine hospitality takes consideration and anticipation of your customer’s needs.

How can businesses practice genuine hospitality? It can be as simple as getting to know your guests on a personal level. A butcher remembering a customer’s favorite cut of steak… a clothing store associate checking helping you find your size… the hotel manager learning it’s your first visit to their city and gives you a personal thank you note and souviner at check out. Those examples are so simple but how many times have you wished someone would have taken that extra step for you?

One of my favorite wine shops, Provenance Food and Wine, keeps records of our wine purchases. So if my husband and I are looking for that great wine we had a few weeks back, any one of the employees can pull up our information. It’s one extra step for the business, but that’s what makes me appreciate it even more. There are lots of wine shops in our neighborhood, but we go to Provenance because we know they go above and beyond.

I’m proud to work for a restaurant group that embraces genuine hospitality. I’ve heard many heartfelt stories from our management team from all over the world that include delivering dinner to the hospital for a frequent diner who was recovering from surgery, driving our traveling guests to the airport and adopting menu items specifically for guests preference. Here’s a few more stories from our restaurant group.

How do businesses benefit? Loyalty. Your customers will go out of their way to spend money at your business. They’ll refer friends and give your business the word-of-mouth advertising that can’t be beat.

It takes time and extra steps for someone to extend genuine hospitality but isn’t that the point? What a feeling it is to know that they cared enough to be thoughtful! Have you ever given or received genuine hospitality from a business?

2 thoughts on “The Business of Genuine Hospitality

  1. Awesome stuff! I agree with your statements, more businesses need to work on this with employees being sincere with customers. I have forward this blog to all of my management staff to read, I feel this is an area that needs to be worked at everyday, and in return gives you greater return on the bottom line.

    1. Thanks, Brian! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. You’re right, it does take time and needs to be worked at everyday… but it’s worth it for your business (and it just feels right doing good for others). I’d love to hear any stories from your team!

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