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As most of you techies may have heard, McDonalds is joining Snapchat and plans to publicly kick off the account on Tuesday with a snap from basketball star LeBron James. For McDonalds, it’s another way to engage with millennials. Makes sense to me! Will you be adding McDonalds to your list of Snapchat friends?

In other recent app news: Forbes recently wrote that Facebook’s $19 Billion acquisition of the WhatsApp mocks the budget-deficit worrywarts. It does say something that a 55-employee company who commanded $19billion from the sale. A blurb direct from the Forbes article sums it up with “Wealth is very hard work, but the hard work increasingly – and very happily – creates billionaires.” Score one for the small business entrepreneurs!

Which leads me to my question to all of you technosexuals … What’s your favorite app?

My fave: Skype

My least fave: Whisper (the most creepy social app I’ve ever encountered). What is this world coming to? 🙂


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